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Naked & Saucy

Caesar Nooch

Gone veganbut stillcraving Caesardressing? ThisNooch is for you.We’veskipped the anchoviesbutare keeping it classy with extra virgin olive oil, organic ingredients andonly 50 calories per serving.Get allthegoods withoutbreaking a sweat in the kitchen. 


Water, Keto Soy Sauce Substitute (Fermented Coconut Sap*, Sea Salt)*, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Nutritional Yeast*, Garlic*, Olives*, Maple Syrup*, Dijon*, Lemon Juice*, Coconut Sugar*, Salt, Black Pepper*, Onion*, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid. (Organic*)

    Storage & Packaging 

    All bottles are packaged in glass.

    When unopened, the sauces can be stored out of the fridge and every bottle has a best before date, refer to that number.

    When opened, the sauces should be stored in the fridge. The open sauces can last a few months in the fridge.

    If you are ever worried about spoilage, check the sauces for fermentation. To check for fermentation, open the bottle and smell it. If the open sauce bottle smells strongly of alcohol or vinegar, please do not use the sauce.



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