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What is Coconut Aminos?

Coconut Aminos is the combination of fermented coconut sap and salt. The fermented sap has a naturally similar umami taste to traditional soy sauce, the salt is just for some added flavour. Coconut Aminos can be substituted for any recipe you use traditional soy sauce for.

Traditionally, Coconut Aminos have a naturally sweeter profile than traditional soy sauces. This can be seen in our Lightly Sweet Coconut Aminos. However, we have also developed our new Keto Coconut Aminos that has the traditional umami flavour of soy sauce with 60% less sodium.

Health Benefits

It is not uncommon for people to have sensitivities to soy, ranging from allergies to feeling sluggish after overconsumption. Some people can have sensitivities to soy without even realizing it. Its only after they use our sauces that they realize the negative affect traditional soy sauces were having on them. Not only can soy be devastating to your body, the farming of soy can be detrimental to the natural environment because harvesting soy often involves clear cutting forest, thereby reducing biological diversity and increasing habitat loss for local wildlife.

Coconut Aminos provide a solution for those who love the taste of soy, but are unable to consume it or wish to consume sustainably sourced ingredients.

How are Coconut Aminos made?

Our coconuts are sourced in the Philippines and Indonesia and we work exclusively with small scale family farms to harvest our coconuts. Our coconuts are harvested in daily batches, from small family farms by hand. This mean there is no excess strain placed on the environment through our harvesting process.

After the coconuts are harvested, we then bring them together, process them fresh, and ship the batches to Canada in bulk to reduce the amount of emissions used in the shipping process. Our sauces are then made and packaged locally in Vancouver and shipped across Canada.

Drawbacks to Coconut Aminos

Coconut Aminos are naturally sweet which there is a taste compromise some customers find when they first switch to coconut Aminos. The typical way that coconut Aminos are made into soy free soy sauce leave a light sweetness in the sauce. This is why our original Coconut Amnions is called Lightly Sweet, there will always be alight floral flavour to it.

What makes us different?

Most brands that sell Coconut Aminos sell a product that tastes like our Lightly Sweet sauce. It is similar to traditional soy sauce, but it has a sweetness to it. For some, this is great because it lends itself well to marinades and baking. For others, the taste compromise is too great, which is why we have introduced our Keto Coconut Aminos sauce. Keto Coconut mimics the taste of traditional soy perfectly! Still with 60% less sodium than other soy sauce options, this is a perfect substitute for your next sushi night.



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