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Our Values

Why Naked?

We’ve stripped our ingredient list down to the bare essentials so that you can feel good about the products you cook with. Don’t settle for products with unnecessary additives and ingredients when we’ve got you covered with healthy and tasty sauces and oils. The ingredients we use are fresh, organic, and natural. Not to mention all our products are soy free, gluten free, wheat free, and vegan. What’s more, these ingredients aren’t just good for you, they’re good for the environment and the farmers who we work with to produce the coconuts in our products. We exclusively work with small scale farms that do not contribute to deforestation and we make sure to compensate them with a livable wage. So why Naked? Because we want to give you a product choice that you can truly get behind and so that you don’t have to compromise amazing taste for food that fits your lifestyle and values.

Sustainability and Values 


Organic Products

Organic farming is based around using fertilizers and pest controls on crops that are naturally occurring. Organic farming has considerable advantages over conventional methods of farming, which include using “less pest controls, reduc[ing] soil erosion, decrease[d] nitrate leaching into groundwater and surface water and recycl[ing] animal waste back into the farm” [1].

The main purpose of pesticides in farming is to limit the number of animals who may come near and eat the crops. However, this also limits biodiversity within and around the farmland and the more diverse an ecosystem is, the healthier it is. One study by the University of Swansea found that the fields surrounding organic farms had a significantly more diverse ecosystem than traditional farms [2].

We choose to have organic products because we value health, both yours and the environments'.


Soy Free

Soy Free

We avoid using soy in our products for two main reasons, allergies and the environment.

Soy production is directly linked to deforestation. Large scale plantations will clear cut forests to plant crops such as soy. Soy is an expanding industry and the demand has increased exponentially which will ultimately lead to higher rates of deforestation [3].

 Deforestation is a major environmental concern. Many animals and plants rely on forests for their survival. These natural habitats are being destroyed primarily due to deforestation for agriculture [4]. Brazil and Indonesia are two areas that are especially concerned with deforestation, but this is a global crisis [4]. Deforestation has lasting effects including soil erosion. Eroded soil is extremely hard to farm on so farms will move to new areas, cutting down more trees and thereby exacerbating this crisis [4]. 

 We believe that you don’t need to choose between a good product and it being ethically sourced and produced. Our sauces are soy free and made instead with Coconut Aminos. The coconuts we use are organically harvested by hand, we never clear cut forests for our coconut crops.


Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free

Large scale coconut harvesting plants tend to use monkeys to harvest their coconuts because they harvest coconuts significantly faster than humans. We are dedicated to creating products that do not harm animals in the production process. Instead of using animal labour, the coconuts in our products are hand-picked by humans from small family run farms. This not only lessens the impact to the natural environment but also protects animals.


Income Equality

Income Equality

Our coconuts are sustainably harvested by small family run farms in order to avoid mass deforestation associated with many large scale farming industries.

The benefit of working with small scale family run farms is that there are no corporate standards that limit their earnings. All farmers should be compensated fairly for their work and receive a living wage, which is why the farmers we work with are paid 30% above the average wage. This helps relive financial burden from these families and allows them to invest their extra income in the areas of their lives that matters most to them.


Made in Canada

Made in Canada

The coconuts in our products are organically grown and harvested in the Philippines and Indonesia. We ship the coconuts in bulk to reduce the emissions it takes to transport the coconuts to our processing plant in Vancouver. From there, we use many local ingredients to create our sauces.  


Giving back

The idea of Naked & Saucy was founded on the desire to create healthy, allergen friendly products. We proudly support Community food centres Canada and Canadian Celiac Association. To find more information on how you can support them, please click on the links below.

Community food centres Canada

Canadian Celiac Association


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